How cyber criminals try to hack your accounts while you sleep

Annoyed by endless MFA alerts? Discover how Microsoft Authenticator is revolutionizing security.

Ever found yourself agitated by the endless stream of alerts from your multi-factor authentication (MFA) app?

Cybercriminals have noticed this too. They're exploiting what's known as "MFA fatigue" to potentially gain access to your valuable business information.

MFA is crucial for data protection. It provides an additional security layer to your applications and accounts by requiring verification of your identity in two or more ways, such as through a password and a code sent to your mobile device.

However, the incessant notifications can be exhausting.

Cyber attackers know this and will inundate employees - even during the dead of night - with relentless MFA alerts. This increases the likelihood that someone will authenticate a login out of exasperation, sleepiness, or to make the notifications cease.

But there's a new tool in the arsenal against MFA fatigue.

Microsoft Authenticator has incorporated number matching to ensure your MFA alert corresponds to the correct login attempt, thwarting cyber criminals seeking to exploit notification fatigue.

So, what is number matching?

Upon receiving an MFA alert, the app will show a randomly generated number. This number must be entered to authenticate the login attempt and confirm that you're not a cybercriminal trying to access your business information.

But that's not all. Microsoft Authenticator also offers biometric authentication, enabling you to use your face, fingerprint, or other unique physical characteristics to verify your identity and ward off MFA fatigue attacks.

With these security strategies in place, your business can stay ahead of cyber criminals and provide enhanced protection for sensitive data.

If you're a Microsoft Authenticator user, number matching is ready. Ensure your app is current, and you'll be safeguarded.

We're here to assist if you're using a different MFA system and wish to explore ways to enhance or simplify your security. Reach out and connect with us.