About Us

Our company culture, and how we do things

About Ignite Solutions Group

Derek Gabriel founded Ignite Solutions Group with a vision: to empower businesses through technology. With a deep passion for both technology and business, he found his motivation in the success of his clients.

Initially established as an IT support company, Ignite Solutions Group quickly became a trusted name for reliable tech solutions in Hawaii. We built a reputation for seamlessly managing and improving our clients' IT infrastructures, fostering greater efficiency and productivity.

However, as digital landscapes evolved, so did the complexity and sophistication of threats. Recognizing the emerging risks in the cyber realm, we adapted and expanded our services. We transformed from a traditional IT support company into a comprehensive cybersecurity service provider. This shift was driven by our commitment to protect our clients from growing cyber threats and to maintain the trust they had placed in us.

Today, our mission extends beyond just empowering businesses with technology. We strive to eliminate cyber risk for businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions in Hawaii. Our goal is not only to protect them from potential threats but also to enable them to achieve more in a secure digital environment.

Who We Are

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ignite Solutions Group is more than just a cybersecurity service provider; we're a team of dedicated professionals passionate about technology and the safety of our clients. Having transitioned from IT support to a comprehensive cybersecurity firm, we've used our years of industry experience to protect and advance the digital operations of small to medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.

We've built a strong reputation in Hawaii for our dependable and trustworthy services. Over the years, we've adapted to the shifting landscape of the digital world, particularly the rise in cyber threats, and have developed our services to meet these challenges.

The spirit of Aloha is at the heart of our company culture. Our team is committed to delivering personalized services, putting our customers first, and treating each client as unique. We know all businesses have different IT needs, so we offer adaptable, subscription-based solutions tailored to various business models.

We work with various partners to design and implement IT security infrastructure that meet your needs. This lets you focus on what's most important: running your business, supporting your team, and serving your customers.

The people in our company are our greatest asset. We're a diverse group of professionals unified by a common goal: to keep your business safe online. Our client's successes continue to be the fuel that drives us forward.

Derek Gabriel, CEO, Standing