Are your productivity tools slowing you down?

Are your productivity tools making your business less productive? This is common if they’re not being used properly

Productivity tools are supposed to make you more, well… productive.

But if they’re not appropriately embedded within your business, tasks can take longer than they should. That’s frustrating for employees and you. It wastes time, and it costs money – which is the opposite of being productive.

So how can this happen?

Often a lack of consistent training means everyone uses tools differently or finds their own workarounds. Maybe the tools haven’t been properly integrated with other apps, creating additional work. Or perhaps employees don’t find some tools helpful and give up on them.

Bringing new technology into your business can be a big step – so big that many owners try to avoid it altogether. That might be because of understandable risk aversion or because they don’t have enough information to choose the right solution from the thousands of available options. It doesn’t help that nearly all tools work differently and offer different advantages.

What most business owners need is expert help. It’s easy to say you plan to introduce new productivity tools to keep employees happy and gain a competitive advantage, but it’s a lot more involved in practice.

One thing’s for sure. As AI solutions become increasingly integrated into new solutions – and others in your industry start to benefit from the latest tech landscape – businesses that don’t keep up risk being left behind.

Working with professionals can not only help to identify the most suitable tools for your business…

But also to help get the most from them by ensuring all your people are fully trained.

That means you’ll not only be getting all the productivity benefits you hoped for from your investment, but you’ll also have a more engaged, better-skilled, and more productive workforce.

This is something we help businesses with all the time. Contact us if you’d like us to do the same for you.