Cyber Hygiene

Video 2

Threats that exist within your organization

In this second video, we look at the threats you face within your organization.

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Cyber security threats to your business

  • Using outdated software, such as Windows 7 and Office 2010
  • Not applying regular security updates to modern software, such as Windows 10 and 11
  • Not using virus protection
  • Using old and outdated IT equipment
  • Using simple, easy to guess passwords
  • Not using a password manager to generate long random passwords, and remember them
  • Not using other security basics such as multi-factor authentication, where you generate a login code on another device
  • Using non-standard devices, such as smart TVs or other gadgets, on the company network
  • Not correctly configuring the VPN connection into your business. This gives remote access to your business systems. Get it wrong, and it’s like leaving the front door to your house wide open

What if you fall victim to a scam?

  • Don’t panic
  • Did you give away a password? Change it immediately on any systems you’ve used it
  • Did you download an unknown file? Disconnect your computer from the network and turn it off
  • Get in touch with us. And explain what happened